Diamond Club


We only use quality branded products including Gtechniq, Koch Chemie, Tenzi, Autobrite Direct, Autoglym and Meguiars, to achieve our goal that provides you the highest quality of service from our trained staff.

If you truly love your car, this is THE service for you!

Diamond Club


We know that keeping your car “factory fresh” in the UK is almost impossible. Road tar deposit build-ups, tree sap, salt from winter driving are just a few of the contaminants your car has to endure.

Our Diamond Club service is the pinnacle of car care.

Vehicle Inspection:

  • Full Exterior & Interior Inspection
  • Identify and Note Contaminated Areas


  • Shampoo Wash


  • Tar & Bug Removal
  • pH Neutral Citrus Spray
  • Iron Fallout Removal
  • Snow Foam Soak

Engine Bay:

  • De-contaminate Engine Bay
  • Deep Clean Engine Bay
  • Plastics Protection


  • High Pressure Underbody Wash

Wheels & Wheel Arches:

  • Wheels Removed & De-contaminated (Inner and Outer)
  • Wheel Tyre Pressures Checked & Addressed
  • Wheel Arches De-contaminated
  • Hubs & Callipers De-contaminated
  • Wheel Arches Steam Cleaned
  • Hubs & Callipers Steam Cleaned


  • Door Shuts Steam Cleaned
  • Nano-Layer Protective & Water-Repellent Shampoo Wash
  • High Gloss, UV Protection, Hydrophobic Coating, High Atmospheric Conditions Resistance Ceramic Wax (Up to 3 Months Protection)


  • Interior Vacuum
  • Floor Mats Steam Cleaned
  • Stain Removal
  • Deep Leather Clean & Treatment
  • Steam Clean Centre Console, Door Cards, Air Vents, Carpets & Boot Area
  • Anti-Bacterial Fog Cleanse

Health Check:

  • Screen Wash Top-Up
  • Tyre Depth Measurement & Notification
Hand Car Wash Interior Steam Cleaning

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