Category: Detailing Services

Whether or not additional services are “worth it” might depend on who you ask.

For example, the brake dust (that black coating on your wheels) is removed at a basic level using a specially formulated cleaner to dissolve brake dust when you have a hand car wash service. The Rim Seal service we offer further helps to reduce the brake dust build up by applying a heat resistant ceramic coating to each wheel after they have been deep cleaned and the paintwork corrected and polished.

Likewise, our undercarriage wash might be your only option to give the underside of your vehicle a wash. But you really do not need this service every time you have a wash service. We do recommend a more regular in the winter due to the salt spray and less in the summer when the roads are dry.

Let’s say you are looking for a quick and simple way to protect your car paintwork. Paying extra for our sprayable ceramic sealant during the winter months will provide a very basic level of protection, but it is not substitute for a quality hand applied sealant or wax. If, however, you are simply seeking a temporary coating to augment the wax already in place until your next hand wash service, the sprayable ceramic sealant is a very good option.

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